Contact Info
Sardar Abdur Rasheed
Dedicated Volunteer/Educationist
Master’s at Arts in Urdu
Coordination and Networking
Fund Raising and Planning
Cultural Competency and Public Relations

Sardar Abdur Rasheed, an individual driven by charity and social work, holds an M.A in Urdu. He is the founder of Help Foundation in Abbottabad.

In 2019, Sardar Abdur Rasheed joined the mission of Mehboob Charity Vision (MCV) and has since successfully organized over 65 free eye camps with the support of MCV.

Additionally, he serves as a school principal.

Being acquainted with MCV, he considers it a leading social organization in the region and wholeheartedly pursues its mission. Thanks to the support of MCV, hundreds of patients have had their vision restored and have become useful citizens.

Sardar Abdur Rasheed remains dedicated to continuing his journey with MCV and fulfilling any assigned responsibilities.