Major Impact of Mehboob Charity Vision-Pakistan

As a result of Mehboob Charity Vision (MCV) interventions:

• Health seeking aptitude of targeted community is increased
• Risk of blindness from cataract and other eye ailments is significantly reduced
• Prevalence of blindness due to other eye conditions has also reduced
• Reduced the burden of eye diseases accounted for blindness in Pakistan
• Promoted hygiene through primary eye care. This included health promotion activities, identification and referral of cataract and trachiasis cases, and recognition and treatment of conjunctivitis. The children in many schools were screened for trachoma, the children were encouraged to wash their faces, and tubes of tetracycline ointment were distributed to those with active inflammation.
• reduction in blinding trachomatous corneal opacities over the 08 year
• Risk of blindness from vitamin A deficiency .