Immerse yourself in the spirit of compassion and support by attending the exciting events organized by Mehboob Charity Vision. We believe in the strength of community and aim to bring people together through various activities that raise awareness and funds for our mission of restoring vision and empowering lives.

From charity galas and fundraisers to awareness campaigns and community workshops, our events offer a platform to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passion for making a difference. Join us to not only enjoy memorable experiences but also contribute directly to the noble cause of transforming lives through eye care and community support.

Stay tuned to our event calendar, as we are continually planning new and engaging initiatives. Whether you want to be a volunteer, a participant, or simply show your support, your presence at our events helps us create greater impact and reach more individuals in need.

Together, let’s bring light and hope to those who deserve a brighter future. Join us at Mehboob Charity Vision events and be a part of our journey towards making a positive change in the world. , +923005203940