Contact Info
Niaz Muhammad Niazi
Dedicated Volunteer/Businessman
Conflict resolution
Negotiation and decision making
Public Speaking and Event Organization

Niaz Muhammad Niazi has been a dedicated volunteer with Mehboob Charity Vision since its inception. He actively participates in every social event organized by MCV and remains at the forefront of its initiatives.

Coming from an educated background, he has also found success as a businessman.

NIAZI began his political career in 1990 alongside Sardar Muhammad Yousaf, joining the PMLN and continues to uphold their principles. He has served as the Chairman of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal in Mansehra District and has also led the PMLN youth wing in Hazara Division.

Niazi believes in the importance of true values and sees MCV as the right platform to engage in community development initiatives and remain socially active.