Illuminating Futures through School Children Eye Screening”

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We are thrilled to introduce our Sightbuddies School Children Eye Screening Project, a comprehensive initiative aimed at ensuring optimal eye health for school children. Recognizing the impact of vision on a child’s educational journey, we are committed to providing free eye screenings, eyeglasses with lenses, cataract surgeries, teacher training, BMI assessments, training manuals, and essential medicines.

Our dedicated team of eye care professionals conducts thorough eye screenings in schools, identifying potential vision impairments among children. Through donors like you ,we provide free eyeglasses with accurate lens prescriptions, allowing children to experience clear vision and reach their full academic potential.

For children with more severe eye conditions such as cataracts, we offer free cataract surgeries, ensuring timely intervention to restore their vision and improve their quality of life.
Recognizing the critical role that teachers play, we conduct specialized training sessions to equip them with the knowledge and skills to identify common eye conditions and refer students for further evaluation. Additionally, we provide BMI assessments to monitor overall health and facilitate early intervention if needed.

To support our Sightbuddies project, we have developed comprehensive training manuals that serve as valuable resources for teachers, enabling them to play an active role in promoting eye health among their students.
At Mehboob Charity Vision, we understand the importance of access to essential medicines. Through our Sightbuddies project, we ensure that children receive the necessary medical treatments and medications to address any eye-related issues.