Build Knowledgeable Communities

Research and Publications

At Mehboob Charity Vision, we believe in the power of research and publications to advance knowledge and improve healthcare outcomes. We offer valuable research opportunities for researchers and students from universities, allowing them to pursue research and publish their work in fields such as eye care, genetics, and other medical sciences. To encourage accessibility and knowledge sharing, we provide downloadable publications for the broader community.

Postnatal Counseling:

We understand the importance of comprehensive postnatal care for both mothers and their infants. That’s why we offer postnatal counselling services that provide support, guidance, and awareness on crucial topics such as family planning, nutrition, and immunisation. As part of our commitment to community education, we also provide downloadable brochures on these topics, ensuring that valuable information reaches as many families as possible.

Eye Screening Teachers Manual:

Identifying and addressing visual impairments in children is essential for their overall development. To facilitate efficient visual screening, we have developed a comprehensive manual specifically designed for teachers and healthcare workers. This manual equips them with the necessary knowledge and tools to conduct effective eye screenings. To make this resource widely available, we offer a downloadable version of the Eye Screening Teachers Manual.

Education and Trainings:

Continuous learning and professional development are integral to delivering high-quality healthcare services. At Mehboob Charity Vision, we offer a diverse range of training opportunities to our staff, covering various aspects such as emergency management and other healthcare skills. Additionally, we extend training programs to fresh, qualified professionals interested in furthering their knowledge in their respective medical fields, as well as in management. These training programs aim to contribute to a well-rounded and skilled healthcare workforce. Downloadable resources related to these trainings are available to enhance accessibility and knowledge dissemination.