Contact Info
Aneela Mehmood
Former Member Tehsil Council
Community engagement
Social Work

Aneela Mehmood, a dedicated volunteer, joined Mehboob Charity Vision in 2023 as volunteer. Hailing from Mansehra, she held the position of Tehsil Member Local Council Mansehra, showcasing her expertise in local governance.

With exceptional leadership qualities as the Chief Executive of Moon Star, Aneela has a remarkable track record as an event organizer. Her experience as an RBC Director further adds to her valuable skills.

Aneela has successfully organized 05 camps in her region for Mehboob Charity Vision’s outreach program, contributing to the organization’s mission. Her skills, passion, and commitment make her an ideal candidate for the role of District Coordinator.

Aneela Mehmood’s inspiring dedication in making a difference serves as a role model for other women’s empowerment within the organization.