Cataract Surgery Project

  • Client: BuildingX
  • Status: In Progress
  • Location: Mountain View CA 94043
  • Building Area: Approx: 330,000 m2

Together, we are transforming lives and restoring vision for those affected by cataracts.

Discover our impactful Cataract Surgery Project in Channan, Gujrat Punjab, aimed at bringing back the gift of sight to those in need. Since 2020, we have been providing surgical consumables to Dr. Usman, enabling him to perform cataract surgeries for non-affording patients. In 2019, we also lent our support to improve the operating theater, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for surgeries. Additionally, in 2021, we equipped Dr. Usman with state-of-the-art equipment and a YAG laser, enabling him to perform post-cataract capsulotomy procedures for enhanced patient outcomes.