Inauguration of Satellite Optometry Clinics

Inauguration of Satellite Optometry Clinics

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards providing comprehensive eye care services to underserved communities. On June 11, 2023, Mehboob Charity Vision successfully inaugurated its state-of-the-art Satellite Optometry Clinic, encompassing a pharmacy and optical shop, in Oghi. This clinic serves as a primary eye care facility, equipped to address a wide range of eye health concerns. Furthermore, it is our pleasure to highlight the satellite clinic’s predecessor, which was opened in Havelian District Abbottabad on August 05, 2020, expanding our reach to an even broader population.

Primary Eye Care at the Satellite Optometry Clinic:

The newly opened Satellite Optometry Clinic aims to meet the primary eye care needs of individuals in the community. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and compassionate optometrists is equipped with the necessary equipment to provide comprehensive eye examinations, including vision testing, refraction, and prescription of corrective eyewear. With a strong focus on preventative care, our optometrists also offer advice on maintaining optimal eye health and managing common eye conditions.

Pharmacy and Optical Shop:

Recognizing the importance of accessible medication and reliable eyewear, the Satellite Optometry Clinic at Oghi and Havelian houses a fully stocked pharmacy and optical shop. This ensures that patients can conveniently procure prescribed medications and necessary eyewear on-site, eliminating the need for additional visits to external facilities.

Referral System for Cataract Surgery and Secondary Care:

For patients requiring cataract surgery and advanced secondary eye care, the Satellite Optometry Clinic serves as a vital link to the Mehboob Charity Vision Eye and General Hospital in Mansehra. Our experienced ophthalmologists and specialized medical staff provide comprehensive evaluation, surgical interventions, and postoperative care for patients with cataract and complex eye conditions. Through this integrated system, patients can seamlessly transition from primary to specialized care, ensuring continuity and the best outcomes for their eye health.

Expanding Reach: Previous Satellite Optometry Clinic in Havelian District Abbottabad:

In addition to our recent Satellite Optometry Clinic inauguration, at Oghi District Mansehra we would like to acknowledge the successful operation of our clinic in Havelian District Abbottabad, opened on August 05, 2020. This clinic has been instrumental in extending primary eye care services to the communities in that region, catering to their unique needs and enhancing accessibility. The positive impact we have witnessed in Havelian District Abbottabad further fuels our commitment to expanding our reach and continuing to bridge gaps in eye care services across multiple regions.


The inauguration of the Satellite Optometry Clinic in Oghi and the ongoing success of the clinic in Havelian District Abbottabad mark significant milestones in our pursuit of ensuring accessible and comprehensive eye care services. We are proud to serve communities in need and remain dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals through our commitment to eye health. Together, let us continue spreading the gift of sight and promoting a brighter future for all.

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