Key Activities

Mehboob Charity Vision Eye Hospital KKH

  1. NEW BUILDING of Mehboob Charity Vision International Eye hospital has inaugurated:

For those who have not heard it before, as the Mehboob Charity Vision Eye hospital located at the main Silk route, Gandhian is now having more patients transported from the villages to the hospital for treatment which cannot be given in the field, we were in desperate need to extend the facilities at the base hospital. We moved ahead with plans made a long time ago and secured 5500 square feet of land at Gandhian on the ancient Silk Route for construction of a state of an art eye facility. This building is provided by President MCV and has been inaugurated which is facilitating all the needy community of the area to easily access the facility as this comes in the center from all sides.

The hospital incorporates the following facilities:

  • Two receptions and waiting lodge

  • Operation Theatre with dress change, sterilization, and Scrub room

  • 01 procedure rooms and 08 consulting rooms.

  • Two pre-operative beds/Store

  • 20 first stage recovery beds in two wards (Male/Female)

  • Car Parking

  • Waiting Room/kitchen for staff

  • Hospital Record room/Admin office/counseling room

  • Pharmacy/Optico/Optical Workshop room

  • Low Vision Centre

  • Research Centre

  • Public Health Consultant Room

  • Ware House

  • 02 VA rooms

  • 02 Optometrist Room

  • Investigation Laboratory

  • Laser Procedure and Biometry Room

With all the above staff and facilities Mehboob Charity Vision Eye Hospital is well professional and experienced ophthalmologists provide eye care facility on daily basis except Friday which is observed as an off day.


  1. A team from the Hazara Region and Islamabad travels to a remote site, screen patients for cataracts, and perform free surgery for those who need it. The team also works with local medical personnel to provide further training.

  2. Outreach camps are also conducted in schools to screen children for their eye-related problems

Potential Long Term Impact of MCV Hospital

The suffering caused by blindness deeply affects the family of each unfortunate, blinded individual, especially in the earthquake affected zone of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province. With restored sight, many people return to work and to traditional roles in their families and societies.


Progress during January 2018-December 2018

  1. Mehboob Charity Vision Eye Hospital Baffa Mansehra, have almost attended more than 8,000 patients at OPD and 20 free eye camps to date

  2. Cataract surgeries have almost restored sight to approximately 1400 people in the region and are further continued. Cases are much more but funds are limited.

Till the end of the year 2018, Mehboob Charity Vision anticipates screening patients between 30,000 to 40,000 and restoring sight to approximately 1000 to 2000 further people in the region through cataract surgeries.

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    Mehboob Charity Vision International Eye Hospital, Main Karakuram Highway, Gandhian, District Mansehra, KPK,Pakistan.